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Weight Loss Apps to Help Keep You On Track

Let’s face it, we all have a hard time staying accountable to our weight loss and health goals. Whether it’s keeping track of how many calories we’ve eaten, or how many steps we’ve walked, we’ve assembled a list of apps to help!


-is easy to use because it learns from you. All of us tend to eat the same foods over time. remembers what you've eaten and done most often in the past, and makes it easy for you to add those foods again to your log.
So the more you track your meals, the easier it becomes!


– Combining a range of activity, sleep, and health-related products with supportive apps, Fitbit has quickly become synonymous with the tech-supported fitness movement. After reviewing various fitness tracking devices, Lighten Up 4 Life determined Fitbit to be the most accurate and we’ve become an official Fitbit affiliate. Give it a try today!

Lose it

- Whether you want to lose 10lbs or 100lbs, Lose It! Helps members share a common goal to lose weight and keep it off. Check out this app. It is easy to use and might help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Diet Assistant – Weight Loss 

– Diet Assistant is billed as a personal weight-loss coach and virtual chef all in one. It provides users with healthy, personalized weight-loss resources that include grocery lists, a weight-loss tracker, a BMI calculator, and more. Free versions are available for both Android and iPhone.

LaLa Lunchbox 

– Take the stress out of planning nutritious lunches for your younger kids. LaLa Lunchbox empowers children to make their own healthy choices and translates those choices into handy reference lists that make grocery shopping easier for mom and dad. Free for iOS and Android devices. 

Garmin Fit 

– This runner’s app lets users keep track of how long they’ve been running, distance, speed, and calories burned. Running history with maps logs your past runs. Soundtrack feature included. $0.99 for iPhone and Android.

Nike+ Running 

– This fitness training app lets users map runs, track progress, and get the motivation they need to keep going. Monitor distance, pace, time, and calories burned. Free for iPhone and Android.


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